SMS Gateway with APIs

WORDBOX™ SMS Gateway offers to enable any Website, Application or Information System with high speed, technologically advanced & secured 2-Way SMS Services. SMS Gateway Integration can be implemented via a wide range of simple, secured & flexible APIs offering a wide array of connection options viz. HTTP, SMPP, FTP, etc. We provide a comprehensive SMS Gateway API Integration document which guides you smoothly through the complete integration process and also provide additional code scripts for use with all kinds of programming interfaces. Our SMS Gateway API can be integrated for both 1-way Automated SMS Alerts in websites, ERP, CRM, etc applications and 2-Way SMS for Information-on-Demand.

Integrate SMS Gateway with your website/application through a wide range of WORDBOX™ API


Simple, most popular & extremely flexible API which can be integrated in any website or application. HTTP API is available online for all Registered users.


Specifically used for large bulk push campaigns. FTP API allows users to upload text files or excel file directly to a FTP location and the messages will be automatically delivered to the target audience.

Unicode API

This API allows to Send SMS in regional languages using our Unicode API supporting 8 regional languages in India.


SMPP is perfectly suitable for high volume of SMS consumption every month. WORDBOX™ offers SMS Gateway SMPP connectivity with SMPP 3.4 Standard

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