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Bulk SMS Marketing: As Powerful Marketing Tool

Nowadays, there is a boom of two types of marketing first one is the digital marketing and the second one is SMS marketing. SMS marketing is very powerful and interacting medium of marketing as it is the fastest growing marketing approach, which deliver n number of benefits to both client and marketer like less time

3 Tips To Write BulkSMS Marketing Content

All of us are familiar with the benefits of BulkSMS marketing. Moreover every activity need proper approach to reach to the individual in an organized way. It is important to make a good practice of adopting things in an appropriate way while branding anything. Usually BulkSMS services are use for promotional activities, such activities directly create brand image so the format and content of SMS should be very appropriate and professional and in the same time it should be in simple and understandable too. The main motive to send BulkSMS to people is to educate them about what you are offering to them and why connecting to your brand will be a best take for them.


With mobile devices quickly taking over the market many companies don’t know that more than 70% of business still takes over the phone. And when it comes to making buying decisions, scheduling appointments or introducing new products and services, customers still prefer the phone, over any other form of contact. But don’t get us wrong. Times are changing. How we connect on the phone is different. Customers are willing to receive automated calls for confirmations and reminders. They like text messages on sales and select opportunities from the brands they love. And there is an uptake on calls made directly from the browser.

Convenient Lead Generation Through Email Drip Sequences

If your brand is leveraging email to interact with your customers, you’re probably well aware of the fact that email offers a 4,300 percent ROI. At the same time, though, it’s important to remember that it is very easy to disregard an email, much easier than that of an SMS or a telephone call. With these two competing factors in mind, how can you better engage with your audience through email so that your campaign will be a success? The creation of a drip campaign to help your audience along the customer journey may be just the thing.

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